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Advanced Driving Courses
Available In All UK Areas for Company & Private Motorists

Our Defensive And Advanced Driving Courses Are Specifically Designed For Companies & Private Motorists That:

  • Want to organise an advanced driving course for themselves/family member or company car or van drivers, whether it be just one driver or 100+. We can arrange it all for you, quickly and with minimal hassle
  • Have a (often high mileage) driver considered low-risk, but requires a day course to help them further develop their driving, and improve their safety and skill
  • Have a number of drivers identified as high-risk, who require training (new to UK, young, previous accidents, convictions etc)

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Online Advanced Driving Course Booking

Looking to train between 1 to 4 drivers?

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Elements of our Training – Click the icons below to view the different elements of our training, from a course report example, which you relieve for each driver taking the training, our eBrochure, and one of our recent driver eduction reports – relevant for both private motorists and companies alike. The final icon is an example driver training schedule, for business clients what want a course from a single or multiple sites.

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Report Example
Course eBrochure

Driver Education Report

Training Schedule Example

About Our Defensive & Advanced Driving Courses:

Our advanced and defensive driving courses are designed to improve the standard of your driving whether you are a private or business customer. We have tutors based all over the UK, which means we can provide a course from your office, home or from a mutual location of your choice. We can train between 1 and 100+ drivers. Learn more about our UK Wide Locations.

We have trained over 10,000 drivers in the UK from a range of locations and business sectors and personal backgrounds. Our staff provide an expert level of service and account management for all our clients.

Our tutors providing the driver training are all DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) qualified, who are qualified to provide professional advanced driver training for drivers of all levels. Our courses are designed to be informative yet enjoyable. Our courses are designed to get the very best out of a driver.

Benefits of Using Us:

    • Highly competitive prices with no compromise on quality
    • Expert tutors, genuinely passionate about advanced driving
    • Flexible training options based around your specific needs
    • Over 200 DVSA tutors located around the UK
  • We live and breath advanced driving


This website is not only an online business platform for us, it is also one of the UK’s leading and most respected advanced driving resource site.

We have many pages of driving tips and useful information plus over 100,000 forum posts, where over 2,000 members provide mutual help and support for those interested in advanced driving – for both businesses and private individuals alike.

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Advanced Course Options

2:1 Format – This is where one tutor can train two drivers over the space of one day. With this popular format we usually train one driver in the morning for 3.5hrs and the other driver for the same period in the afternoon.

Please use the quote form near the top of our homepage for a quote in writing, based on your exact numbers you are considering training.

1:1 Format – This is where one tutor trains a driver for either a half-day or full-day. A full day is 7hrs, and a half-day, like with the 2:1 session is 3.5hrs. This tends to be more popular with private motorists than company drivers.

We can supply a number of tutors in different locations around the UK if required over a number of days or weeks for your fleet.

Advanced Driving Course Content:

Our courses cover a wide range of topics, below are the key parts.

Awareness and Anticipation – We help drivers observe and plan more effectively, to ensure they see and plan, not simply react to hazards!

Car Control – We help improve a drivers level of car control, where specific focus is placed on the use of speed, steering, assessing corners, and how to make safe progress on a range of roads.

Driver Characteristics – We work with the driver to help improve their attitudes towards driving.

Advanced Techniques – We introduce a range of advanced driving techniques that work with, and complement the points noted above. Including The System of Car Control, The Limit Point, Commentary Driving and much more.