Black boxes are fitting to cars of younger or less experienced drivers, to monitor how they drive.

A black box is a telematics based system, which feeds back to your insurer how you are driving, specifically looking at:

Cornering speed
Braking force
Time of day

This helps build up a profile of you as a driver. The smoother you drive, and the more conservative you are with your speed will be reflected in your insurance premiums.

They have been a great breakthrough in slowing younger drivers down, and lowering their road risk through monitoring.



Black Boxes – The Main Issue:

As good as black boxes are, they won’t teach you to become a safer, more skilled driver. They won’t teach you to become more observant, or help you to better anticipate hazards. They won’t even teach you how to improve on the things they are measuring you on, such as how smooth your brake, your cornering speed, how you accelerate or the general speed you travel. This is where we come in.

All they do is just record and report. Which is fine. What what if you want to actually learn to become a safer driver?

How We Can Help:

We offer a bespoke course especially designed for young drivers who have a black box fitted, and want to further lower their insurance by learning ways to become safer, smoother drivers. We have a UK wide network of DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) registered fleet/advanced driving instructors who specialise in driver training for fully qualified drivers of all levels and experience. We provide training for large companies and private individuals alike.

Our Black Box Course – What is Covered?

During a course we will go out with you in your car, and we let you drive how you normally would, for around 20 minutes. This gives our tutor an idea about you as a driver, your driving style, and areas we can help you.

We record our findings on one of our bespoke driving reports, which measurers you from Excellent to Poor in 20+ areas of driving, such as attitude, speed awareness, anticipation, acceleration, braking etc – things, which when mastered will significantly help you not only become a safer driver, but will also help lower your black box based insurance costs.

We will then have a chat with you about what we have observed, and then start the bespoke coaching based around you and your driving style. We will go out on a range of roads, including motorways, rural roads and urban environments. We will work on many things, including your observation, awareness and planning – three things, which when mastered will help you become a smoother, safer driver – things your black box will love you for. These elements are the basics of advanced/defensive driving.

Whats the Main Benefit?

It’s a two sided coin. The key thing most will be interested in, is now much they will save on their black box insurance after our course. While we can never guarantee this, going from being an erratic, very reactive driver, to a smooth, planned, aware driver could easily save you the cost of our course over a year.

However, also we like to think that the reason to take this course is not only to save you money, but to make you a safer driver too – and teach you things, which will be there to help you for the rest of your motoring career. What you learn with us could one day save your own or someone’s life.


3.5hr session – £252.00
7hr session – £384.00
( a full day can be split between 2 drivers for no extra cost, saving you £60 each)

Key Facts:

1. You will get a full report sent on email after training
2. We have full UK coverage
3. We come to you for the training
4. Training takes place in your own car


Get in Touch:

Please contact us using the form on the upper right of the page – a member of our team will be in touch. Alternatively please email You can call us too on 0115 888 3003 to make a booking for get more info. Taking this course will also entitle you to up to a £100 discount on an advanced driving course, should you wish to do such in the future (valid for both you or a friend).