We offer specialist advanced and defensive driver training for fully qualified LGV/HGV drivers covering C1, C, C1+E and C+E entitlements across the UK.  More companies are becoming aware of the need
We offer driving risk assessments in all areas of the UK. Our driving risk assessments are designed for companies that want to take the first step in demonstrating their Duty of Care in
Our advanced and defensive driving courses are not just for car drivers, we also offer a bespoke advanced van driver training nationwide (which includes motorhomes and other large vehicles). We are
In 2012 there were over 1,100 people were seriously injured when a driver was over the prescribed UK drink drive limit. More sadly 280 people were killed in drink drive
Driving in fog is a major hazard due to the fact that you can’t see where you are going as well, making your planning and observation very hard if not
A skid develops when the tyres of a vehicle have been pushed beyond their level of grip on a given surface and they lose traction. Most people describe a skid
It does not snow much in the UK. However, when it does it does tend to cause a lot of trouble! Usual advice is to stay in and keep warm
Driving in wind can be very dangerous. This is especially so if you drive a high-sided vehicle and are driving at speed in exposed places, such as motorways. The key
In recent years the UK has seen an unprecedented amount of rainfall that has caused significant disruption, damage to homes and much more! We all too often see in the
Young Drivers and Deadly Passengers is the fourth part in Stephen Haley’s thought provoking series titled “How to Make Novice Driver’s Crash”. “Three teenage passengers killed themselves and their driver