There are significant benefits of taking a skid pan course. People usually only experience a significant, serious skid in a terrifying, real life situation. Due to this fact it makes sense to experience what it is like in a safe, controlled (and often fun!) environment.

The Ideal Christmas Gift – We work in affiliation with Red Letter Days. If you are looking to buy a skid pan course this Christmas, you can view the range of courses, and book online here – VIEW SKID PAN CHRISTMAS OFFERS

Benefits of a Skid Pan Course/Session:

1. Improve confidence
2. Understand different types of skids (understeer, oversteer, four wheel drift)
3. Learn what actually is “aquaplaning”
4. Learn what causes skids
5. Learn how to control a skid

With our skid pan courses – you learn the theory of what causes a skid, and how to drive in a defensive way to avoid them happening in the first place. You also get hands on tuition in a specially adapted car on a skid pan, with an experienced skid control instructor – allowing you and your drivers to experience what it is like to experience a skid in total safety.

We can arrange a full corporate skid pan course for as few as 10 or as many as 200 drivers.

Skid Pan Courses for Business Customers:

We offer a range of skid pan courses in both the North West and South of the UK. Our skid pan courses are ideal for companies that want to train 10+ drivers.

Receive a Quote:

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All business customers taking a skid pan course will automatically qualify for a 10% discount on our advanced driving courses, which are often popular following a skid pan course.

Skid Pan Courses for Private Individuals:

If you are a private individual looking for a skid pan session for yourself or a loved one, you can book and buy online with Red Letter Days – VIEW SKID PAN COURSES