We provide advanced and defensive driving courses for business customers in the UK. Defensive and advanced driving courses are very similar by nature. However, defensive as the name suggests places a little more focus on managing the risk element, where we focus on helping companies that specifically want to reduce the risk of their drivers from a Health & Safety perspective.

We have already helped a large number of companies develop a fleet of safer drivers including well know supermarkets, the NHS and other government departments, along with many SME businesses.

Benefits of our Defensive Driving Courses:

1. Increase the safety level of your drivers
2. Develop a greater appreciation of the dangers of the road
3. Learn how to drive in a more fuel efficient manor
4. Appreciate the risks that excessive speed pose
5. Understand the cause and effect of road traffic collisions
6. Hep address any specific issues a driver is having

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Our defensive driving courses are road based, and apart from helping improve a drivers awareness and thinking, we also help them with more advanced elements such as improve car control, how to deal with skids, and how to read the road and understand different traffic situations.

We Provide Full Nationwide Coverage – With Training from Your Office or Depot.

Course Format:

Our defensive driving courses are usually arrange on a 2:1 basis. This is where one tutor can train two drivers in one day; one in the morning for 3.5hrs and another in the afternoon for 3.5hrs. We can provide many tutors per site across the entire UK. Should you wish we can provide a defensive driving course for one driver for a full day. This is ideal if you just have one or two drivers who are having specific issues.

Course Costs:

The cost for a 3.5hr session is £160 + vat a driver based on a 2:1 format, so 10 drivers would cost £1,600 + vat for example. We can train between 1 and 100+ drivers.

Each driver taking our defensive driving course will undergo a form of assessment on the initial drive, and at the end of the course, so you can quickly see how they improved on the day, and their overall risk. View Report Example

Request a Quote:

Please request a quote here – or use the contact form on the right of this screen for a personalised quote in writing (via email) and to receive one of our course brochures. For private individuals we offer a range of private bespoke course – more info