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How to Drive Silverstone

How to Drive Nurburgring Nordschleife

Old UK Road Safety Adverts

Over the years there have been a number of UK road safety adverts featured on TV. Below are a number, which have appeared on our screens in the last 40 years. Some long forgotten, some may trigger memories. Listed in no specific date order. How many do you remember?

Speed Kills – Kill Your Speed (1994)

It’s 30 for a Reason (2009)

Mobile Phone When Driving – Split Screen (2007)

Seatbelt Road Safety (Circa 1995)

Flying Pizza Road Safety Advert (Circa Late 90’s)


What’s Stopping You? – Seatbelt Advert (Circa Late 90’s)


Think Slow Down Advert (Circa Early 00’s)


My House – Road Safety Advert (Circa Early 00’s)


Billy Blunders Seatbelt Advert (Mid/Late 70’s)


Clunk Click Road Safety Advert (Late 1970’s)




The System of Car Control

According to the publication Roadcraft, The system of car control is a way of approaching and negotiating hazards that is methodical, safe and leaves nothing to chance. It involves careful observation, early anticipation and a systematic use of the controls to maintain your vehicles stability in all situations.

The System of Car Control is one of the key things you will learn when undertaking an advanced or defensive driving course. “The system”, as it is often referred to is used for both car and motorcyclists training. Below is a video, which outlines the system in more detail.