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Used Car Data Check

It is more important than ever to invest in a used car data check if you are looking to buy a used car. Knowing a cars history will not only help give you peace of mind, it will also provide you wish the reassurance that you have not bough a car with a less than ideal past.


A used car check from companies like HPI cover the following things:

1. If it is recorded as stolen – Is the car you are looking at recorded as stolen on the Police National Computer? More Info
2. Do you know the number of previous owners? It is more desirable to own a used car that has fewer owners, with a HPI check you will get to know this. More Info
3. Can you trust the mileage? It is much harder nowadays to alter a cars mileage but it can happen
4. Do you really know the approximate value of the car? Doing a HPI check will provide you with a valuation to help ensure you don’t pay over the odds for a car
5. Is your car an insurance write off? Some write offs can return to the road, whilst others can’t. With a HPI check you will find this out during a check.

A used car data check will also check the following:

6. Is you car recorded as scrapped?
7. Number plate changes
8. Any outstanding fiance
9. Logbook check
10. Imported/Exported
11. VIN/Chasis Check

About HPI

HPI has been providing used car checks since 1938 and use up to date information to check a used cars history. They are so confident of their accuracy that they back it with a £30,000 guarantee.

University Driving Research Support

We are keen to outreach to Universities and other academic institutions around the UK and further afield to offer a free of charge platform where they can outreach to the UK driving public who visit this site. We receive around 25,000 visits a month, mainly UK based motorists, and have a driving forum with over 100,00 posts.

We are keen to help raise the profile of as a knowledge provider in the driver training and education sector. As a result we are keen to partner with academic institutions that wish to use our site for research or to publish relevant material.

There is no charge for this.

For more information on this please email in the first instance with the type of thing you are looking at.


Why Do We Drive On The Left In The UK?

Why do we drive on the left in the UK?

It seems crazy why some countries drive on the right and we drive on the left. Only around 35% of the words population drive on the left. However, we are not the only country that drives on this side of the road. Below is a list of other countries, which also drive on the left:

Anguilla – Antigua – Australia – Bahamas – Bangladesh – Barbados –Bermuda – Bhutan – Botswana – British Virgin Islands – Brunei – Cayman Islands – Channel Islands – Cyprus – Dominica – Eire – Falkland Islands – Fiji – Grenada – Guyana – Hong Kong – India – Indonesia – Isle of Man – Jamaica – Japan – Kenya – Lesotho – Macau – Malawi – Malaysia – Malta – Mauritius – Montserrat – Mozambique – Namibia – Nepal – New Zealand – Northern Ireland – Pakistan – Papua New Guinea – Samoa – Seychelles – Scotland – Singapore – Solomon Islands – South Africa – Sri Lanka – St Kitts & Nevis – St Helena – St Lucia – Surinam – Swaziland – Tanzania – Thailand – Tonga – Trinidad & Tobago – Turks & Caicos Islands – Uganda – US Virgin Islands – Zambia – St Vincent & Grenadines – Wales
Up until the late 1700’s, many years before the motorcar was invented, the entire world kept on the left when travelling. The reason for this was dates back way before the 1700’s. Most people were, and still are right handed. Knights with their lances under their right arm naturally passed on each other’s right hand side to allow attack. It made sense to then keep to the left when passing strangers on the road as a protective measure. It was safer to keep a protective sword handy between you and a potential threat.

It all started to change when Napoleon, who was left handed, overturned this practice as part of Frances social rethink. Any country which was part of the British Empire remained left handed, and those colonised by the French was right handed.
So why does America drive on the right?

The British played a very small role in shaping the side of the road Americans drive on. This was because the French colonised more southern states, the Dutch colonised New York and the Spanish colonised areas in South America.


Defensive Driving Courses

We offer defensive driving courses across the UK. We understand businesses know the advantages that driver training can bring, not only from a Duty of Care legal point, but for also for the interest of driver safety.

Benefits of our Courses:

* Improved driver safety
* Demonstrating your Duty of Care
* Reduced fuel costs
* Reduced fleet insurance premiums

car door mirror

Defensive Driving Course – Costs:

We offer two course formats, a half day at £200 + vat a driver, and a full day at £320 + vat. Should you wish we can train drivers on a 2:1 format, with one being trained for 3.5hrs in the morning and one for 3.5hrs in the afternoon.

This works out at just £160 + vat a driver. If you are looking to train a number of drivers, we can offer this 2:1 training across several locations over days or weeks. Many of our customers have 100+ drivers all in different locations. As part of our service to you, we can offer not only training but full assistance in arranging the drivers at different locations. We understand finding time in a drivers diary can be tricky, but we have many years of doing this, and our team have got this off to a fine art!

driving scene 3

Course Content:

Our defensive driving courses (also know as advanced driving courses) cover the following elements:

* Observation & Forward Planning: We help drivers look much further up the road when driving. Many traffic incidents occur due to a lack of planning and observation. We help drivers look and think – and not just see.

* Anticipation: We help drivers develop an enquiring mind when driving. Has that driver seen me? What is that cycling doing? All these are critical factors in learning to be a safe driver. Anticipation is a key element of driving and intertwines with observation and forward planning.

* Car Control: We help drivers on our defensive driving course to understand all elements of car control, from use of the steering and foot controls, to learning how to handle a car on different road surfaces and types, in varying weather conditions.

* Rules of the Road: Many drivers are not aware of the various rules of the road. During our defensive driving courses we ensure any obvious gaps in their knowledge is filled and that their level of knowledge improves. Rules of the road includes regulations, and traffic signs along with any other relevant issues.

* All Weather Driving: Our defensive driving courses are designed to equip drivers with the necessary skills to drive in all weather. We cover this in theory and if the weather permits, in practise too!

* Driver Psychology: We help drivers understanding the thinking, both positive and negative which makes up a driver, and look at various issues such as driving when tired, driving when distracted and coping with road rage.


Bespoke Training:

Unlike other course providers, our courses are designed around the needs of the driver, so if one driver has an issue with attention, we can focus on that, if another has an issue with speed, we can work on their speed awareness. Drivers taking our defensive driving courses vary hugely. Below are a range of drivers we help:

* Drivers who require training as part of company policy

* At risk drivers – those who are having too many accidents in company cars or vans

* New to UK drivers – those who have only recently come to the UK and need an introduction to our roads

Request Your Quote – Learn More:
We can help with all drivers, of all abilities – please contact us for a quote on 0333 567 0264 or email for more info. You can also request a quote using the form to the upper right of this screen.

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