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How do you avoid accidents? By not being there when they happen...

Every day in the UK, 23 young people, under the age of 25, are killed or seriously injured in vehicles. Most of these collisions are caused by bad driving. Not the vehicle, the road, or the conditions.

Driving is the biggest single killer of young people in the UK. Advanced Driving Courses and Tests were designed to contribute to road safety, and the facts demonstrate that nearly 70% of drivers who receive Further and Advanced Driver coaching show significantly safer skills in a number of key areas.

This website is about starting your driving career in the absolute best possible way by having thousands of pages of detailed information on Learning to Pass your Driving Standards Agency Learner Driving Test and moving onto further and Advanced Driver Training.

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NOTE: Advanced Driving UK does not condone speeding on Britains roads by anyone, let alone Advanced Drivers. Advanced Drivers have a responsibility to know "better" and lead by example due to the effort and training received.

News and Announcements from Advanced Driving UK

Advanced Driving delivers “Real” Insurance Discounts

Adrian Flux Insurance Services – the Norfolk-based specialist insurance intermediary – are pleased to announce their association with Advanced-Driving UK and their national initiative designed to promote and encourage safer driving.

With its strong links to performance Car Clubs and driver training initiatives, Adrian Flux have teamed up with Advanced Driving UK and for those that have taken the step to improve their driving be rewarded for doing so.

Anyone completing a recognised course organised by RoSPA / IAM / Ride-Drive or any of the other recognised providers can claim at least 20% discount off their renewal premiums through Adrian Flux. Note that this is off the renewal and not the best premium to be found, meaning once you complete a course – you will receive a discount over and above what you currently pay in car insurance!

For those that complete other courses we do also acknowledge the steps you have taken to become a better driver and are also able to offer a significant discount in recognition. This will be up to 15% off your premium.

Flux have stated, “What initially attracted us to Advanced-Driving UK was the refreshing outlook it took to those persons looking to further their driving skills and a fresh new way of looking at road safety.’

Upon completing a course, please contact Adrian Flux on Freephone: 0800 505 3000 (Office hours 9:00 – 7:00 Mon – Fri, Sat: 9:00 – 4:00) and mention your advanced driving course or visit Adrian Flux

Driving in Flood Water

This week the Met Office has predicted a high likelihood of flood water after heavy rain. For the motorist this can be difficult to deal with if you come across it.

Ideally, if there is severe risk of flood, then stay at home but if you must travel and a journey is unavoidable then here are some tips to help you out.

1. Torrential rain brings with it visibility problems as the car mists up in seconds. Consider how you may use your air conditioning where visibility is an issue due to misting is a problem. Air con not only keeps you cool, but it removes moisture from the car to reduce window mist.

2. Its useful to know where the air intake is on your car. It’s not always possible to find out quickly, the lower it is on your car – the more likely water will get into the engine – needless to say, this is seriously bad news!

3.  Don’t go in if the water’s obviously too deep or flowing too quickly: consider an alternative route. It can take as little as 2 feet of flowing water to float a vehicle and wash it away, and even less for you to loose traction.

4.  If you have to drive through water try to drive in the highest section (only if you know where it is! don’t forget you may not be able to tell…)

5.  Drive only fast enough to create a small bow wave in front of the vehicle – driving at speed may be dangerous to other vehicles or pedestrians. Entering at speed may also mean you lose traction quickly and aqua-plain which won’t help you to get across.

6.  Keep going once you have started – make sure you have a clear run, put the car into first gear before entering the water, keep the revs high and set off.  Don’t go in if you can’t see a way out on the other side or another vehicle is blocking the exit – you don’t want water to enter the exhaust.

7.  Do not take your foot even slightly off the accelerator, as this will allow water to travel up the exhaust pipe. As you go through the water, slip the clutch if you can. After you come out, dry brakes gently before you need them – the best way is to lightly apply the brake as you drive along for a few seconds.

8.  At the other side, keep moving and continue to rev the engine to clear any water from the exhaust.

In the past during flood conditions people have been stranded over night. So if you must go out also ensure you have the some of the essentials in your car. Water, food, blankets, warm clothes, a torch, a mobile phone and something to read – you could be in one place, for a long time!

BlatSafe – Advanced Roadcraft for Sports Car Enthusiasts

Join two Lotus Elise owners as they receive professional instruction on the sweeping roads of Oxfordshire and the Downs. The focus of this DVD is how to drive safely and progressively – it is not about outright speed or vehicle handling at the limit.

BlatSafe is an introduction to skills such as good observation, planning and anticipation which can be practiced each time we drive, ultimately leading to a smoother flowing and more rewarding drive. The BlatSafe DVD covers subjects such as:

– Attitude
– Preparation of yourself and your car
– Smooth car control including acceleration sense
– Observation and anticipation
– The limit point and extending your view through visual links
– Cornering
– Road positioning
– Overtaking
– The use of commentary

Ultimate Driving Craft – Commentary Driving