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Stopping Distance – Brakes

October 12th, 2007. Posted in Motoring & Driving Tips

According to the Department for Transport (DfT) one-in-three road crashes occur because a vehicle fails to stop in time. Worn down brake disks can dramatically increase stopping distances, sometimes with fatal consequences.

Vehicle parts provider Car Parts Direct claimed recent research had shown that one-in-eight motorists could be driving with illegal or dangerous brakes. Random checks found drivers with worn brake pads, brake discs below minimum legal thickness and in some cases warped brake discs.

The company added that 85% of motorists did not know how to check their brake discs and pads for safety.

Some brake problems are easier to notice than others, such as a vibration through the brake peddle which is often the result of warped brake discs. Other problems are not so easy to detect and drivers only find out about a problem when a vehicle fails to stop in time.